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Step into the world of fine chocolate at our shop in the charming village of Mount Horeb, nestled in Wisconsin's Driftless Area. We're all about authentic craft, using single origin chocolate from small farms along the Equator. What makes our chocolates truly special is the blend of these unique flavors with ingredients we've sourced in Wisconsin. It's a fine chocolate experience…and a taste adventure that brings people together.

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"Tastes of around the Equator" - We use single origin chocolate from small farms around the Equator. Each chocolate variety represents a different corner of the world, encapsulating the unique flavors of that region.

"Chocolates have a way of marking special moments" - We offer a flavorful array of handcrafted truffles, bonbons, and caramels, each carefully made with fine chocolate and ingredients sourced locally right here in Wisconsin. Enjoy, share, indulge to commemorate an occasion or simply to celebrate the sweetness of life.

Our tagline - "Chocolates bring us together!" - epitomizes the spirit of our chocolate shop. It's more than crafting chocolates; it's also about forging chocolaty connections, creating sweet memories, and sharing experiences…with chocolate!

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Handmade. Single Origin Chocolate. Wisconsin-Sourced Ingredients. Delicious.

"Chocolates bring us together!" is our Driftless Chocolates mantra. From the small farmers in tropical countries around the world who grow the cocoa plant to the local producers whose products add so richly to the flavors we create.

We feature chocolate originating in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Belize, Sao Tome, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Tanzania, Madagascar...

We match it with flavors that fit the natural terroir of where it is grown with ingredients we source right here in Wisconsin...cherries, cranberries, honey, cream, mint...

Each piece has a flavor experience to share with someone.

"Chocolates bring us together!"
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Each bite says "THANKS!"

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Clients • Board of Directors • Employees • Business Partners • Friends & Family • Employee Birthdays • Anniversaries • Team Goals Achieved

You dream up how you wish to reward, and Driftless Chocolates will develop a program right for you.

Schedule chocolates of your choice in the quantities you choose to be delivered to your office monthly, or any interval you choose. Send holiday greetings. Accomplish annual gifting. Whatever it is, let's work together.

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"Chocolates bring us together!"

The Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Our Home

"What is the Driftless Area?" you might ask. Well, it's perhaps the most beautiful place on earth, in our opinion, of course. It captured our hearts a long time ago, however, it's been around a LOT longer! The Driftless Area in Wisconsin is a geologically unique region nestled in the southwest part of the state. Unlike much of the Midwest, it's untouched by glacial activity, earning it the name "driftless." This area features rolling hills, deep valleys, and winding rivers, creating a picturesque landscape.

Donald Park is a special place to us, only 8 miles southeast of our shop in Mount Horeb. A lot of life has been lived in glory as we hike the trails in this 800-acre Dane County park, land made possible by Delma Donald and Pat Hitchcock, who lived on the farms we now know as Donald Park.

That's Donald Rock in the photo. It stood as a beacon for travelers for thousands of years. It's a beacon for us now. (And in our logo, too!) Check out Donald'll be so glad you did!

"TROLLS" welcome in Mount Horeb!

What great fortune to land in a village that embraces the trolls so prevalent in Norwegian heritage! Robyn Kitson, co-owner of Driftless Chocolates, absolutely loves being able to put her Norwegian collections on display.

"I've had these trolls in my home for years and chuckle each time I see them. Now they are in our shop for all to enjoy!" says Robyn, holding a photo of Grandma Leah in her handmade Norwegian outfit. "Grandma brought each of these treasures home from her visits to Norway. I'm fortunate to have them. They each have a name!"

Mount Horeb proudly claims to be the "Troll Capitol of the World" and what a perfect place for Driftless Chocolates to be!

Grandma Leah tried her hand at rosemaling and cross-stitch and lefse...and it's all in our shop (except the was yummy!).

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