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Frequently asked questions

When your Driftless Chocolates arrive, you will be tempted to eat them right away...and if you do, that's great! We do not use preservatives and when you receive them, they should be at their prime to be consumed. If you do need to store them, a location where they can be kept at around 68-70 degrees is optimal...basically, room temperature. Store them in a cool, dry place. Humidity should be within 45-55%.

For truffles and bon bons, treat them as you would a bakery product. You may consume them right away (many do!), however, if you wish to savor them over time, they are best if enjoyed within four weeks, although they will keep longer.

For chocolate bars, barks and caramels, these should be fine for several months if stored at temperatures around 70F.

We ship so that our chocolates arrive 1-2 days from the ship date and in top form. The cost of shipping will depend on the destination, the temperature of the destination (if it is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it will require thermal packaging and 1-day delivery), and the size and weight of the package. You will see your shipping options based on your specific package at checkout.

Please allow us up to three business days to fill your order before shipping. We only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure your shipment doesn't spend the weekend in a warehouse.

Our chocolates are made in small batches and without preservatives. We ship them to you as quickly as we can so that when you receive them, they are at the optimal time for consuming. Driftless Chocolates may need up to three business days to prepare your order for shipping. When it ships, you will be alerted via an email from Driftless Chocolates, and you'll receive a tracking number as well. We ship early in the week so that our deliveries arrive before Friday and within 1-2 days. Orders that come in Thursday afternoon through Sunday will ship Monday; our intent is to not have your package sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

Sure. You may send to as many addresses as you like. However, if it's too many for you to handle, please give us a call and we'll pitch in.

Yes. During the checkout process, you will see a field where you may compose a "Note." Please make sure that you put who the message is from. We will place your gift message on a gift card that is placed within the gift package.