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Corporate Chocolate Gifting with Driftless Chocolates - let's design a program especially for you.

Say “Thanks" One Bite at a Time

As the owner of a fine chocolate shop in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, we understand the importance of personal touches in gift-giving. Our chocolates are handmade, using single-origin chocolate from small farms near the Equator and Wisconsin-sourced local ingredients. Our motto has always been, "Chocolates bring us together!"

The idea we're excited to share with you is a simple yet heartfelt one: Send a beautifully crafted box of our single-origin chocolates with a special message on the lid - "Each Bite Says Thanks." It's our way of helping you express your gratitude to your clients, partners, and employees in a personal and delicious manner.

This isn't just any gift; it's a genuine token of appreciation. Each chocolate is a delightful bite that conveys sentiments that can be hard to put into words.

So, if you want to say thanks in a memorable way, consider our corporate chocolate gifting option. In a world filled with digital communication, it's a sweet reminder of the joy in sharing moments...and exquisite chocolates.

As a fellow lover of people and connections, we believe this approach aligns perfectly with the spirit of your business and your passion for bringing people together through chocolate.

Reach out to us by filling in the form below. Your gratitude never tasted so good!

Gift a Taste Experience

Clients • Board of Directors • Employees • Business Partners • Friends & Family

Gift those special to you with fine chocolate — hand made, artisan created!

We can deliver chocolates gifts in bulk so that you can hand deliver, or send them directly to your recipient’s home or office.

Let us help you make it special.

Chocolate Kudos "for me?"

Employee Birthdays • Anniversaries • Team Goals Achieved

You dream up how you wish to reward, and Driftless Chocolates will make it happen!

Remember your employees’ birthdays. Or, acknowledge progress on team objectives with chocolates to boost collective spirit and efforts.

Schedule chocolates of your choice in the quantities you choose to be delivered to your office monthly, or any interval you choose.

Businesses / Corporations - let us know how we can work with you on gifting.

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