Why "DRIFTLESS" Chocolates?

We love the word "DRIFTLESS" as it conjures up creative imaginings.

DRIFTLESS - It's creativity within the guidelines and standards of the art, but with a freedom of expression that is affected by the moods of the artist, customers, patrons and fans, the season, and life at that moment.

In music, DRIFTLESS is reflected in jazz, the blues and a guitarist like Jerry Garcia. They frequently play the same songs, but each solo changes night by night as the audience reacts differently, the day’s events pick up or temper the player's mood.

In comedy, DRIFTLESS is the improv group that works within the guidelines of improv. Each scene and each night are unique as players take on different roles to express individual interpretations.

In art, DRIFTLESS is Picasso or Jackson Pollock who worked within the parameters of design – color, texture, shape, medium, composition – to create legendary art that is free flowing, sometimes recognizable, and often without form.

Driftless Chocolates follows a similar path. Following the guidelines of great chocolatiers, we create flavorful confections based on our mood, our fans' suggestions, what our community of chocolate lovers enjoy.

The beautiful DRIFTLESS Area is home, and nature at its best.

The Driftless Area is a region in southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and the extreme northwestern corner of Illinois, of the American Midwest. The region escaped glaciation during the last ice age and is consequently characterized by steep, forested ridges, deeply carved river valleys, and geology characterized by spring-fed waterfalls and cold-water trout streams. Note the background photo of Parfrey's Glenn outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Pretty exquisite, right? We think so, too. It inspires us.