Driftless Indulgence 20-piece box


Chocolate Gifts for Clients | Board of Directors | Employees | Business Partners | Friends | Family

Gift those special to you with fine chocolate truffles, bonbons, caramels and barks.

Special volume DISCOUNTS on purchases of $500+

Basket of Caramels, Bonbons, Truffles and Bark

Driftless Chocolates will help you reach out with business gifts. Easy. Effective!

We are here to help you year-round with personalized service for your corporate gifting. Let us design a business gift program with the impact you seek. Reward employees with a chocolate gift on their birthday. Surprise clients with a tasty treat delivered unexpectedly because they are so grand. Have chocolates delivered to your sales team to gift during client calls.

Ideas abound. Let's talk!

Call 608-497-1725, email info@driftlesschocolates.com, or fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Driftless Chocolates Bark Bundles

Chocolates Build Team!

Saying "THANKS" Tastes Great

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your corporate and business gifts, and offer concierge-type service to make it as pleasing for you as we can.

Remember - VOLUME DISCOUNTS begin when you spend $500 or more.

Thank you!

THANK YOU! We look forward to connecting with you to learn more about what you need.
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