Meet Robyn & Stan Kitson

Robyn and Stan are partners in business and in life, having started Driftless Chocolates in celebration of a milestone wedding anniversary in 2019.

Stan Kitson, Chocolatier, Co-Founder

The love of cooking came first - decades of creating exquisite edibles in the kitchen. Then the discovery of fine chocolate and - wow! This love of chocolate and the art of creating with it became Driftless Chocolates in 2019.

Stan earned his certification for chocolatiering from Ecole Chocolat and taps into his natural abilities in science and his honed flavor instincts to work with fine chocolate, so simple...yet so very complex.

Stan loves being an artisan and he loves making people happy with his chocolate creations.

Robyn Kitson, President, Co-Founder

A healthy small business partnership works especially well when each partner has deep expertise that complements the other's strengths. Stan focuses on all things chocolate. Robyn focuses on growing the business, the behind-the-scenes work so necessary for business health and vitality. And she loves it as it feeds her entrepreneurial spirit perfectly.

Robyn started Kitson Marketing in 1987 and Stan joined her in 1990. The two ventured into web applications together with InTimeTools in 2001.

So in 2019, a fine chocolate company seemed the obvious choice!