BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless Indulgence 20-piece Assortment
BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless Indulgence 20-piece Assortment

BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless Indulgence 20-piece Assortment


Driftless Chocolates

Driftless Chocolates will have these wonderful chocolate treats delivered right to doorsteps throughout the United States. 

Please note: Chocolates are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that they arrive before Friday! They don't like being in a warehouse over the weekend. :)

  • Rosemary. A subtle dark Colombian chocolate infused with rosemary.
  • Earl Grey. Hints of citrus amplify the smoothness of 70% Columbian dark chocolate.
  • Orange & Anise. Experience a warm orangey zing to this hand-dipped Columbian 70% dark chocolate truffle. 
  • Earl Grey Lavender. This truffle's floral personality is highlighted with hints of summer lavender enrobed in dark Madagascar chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate Chai. We start with a milk chocolate with a caramel personality and turn it into an ultra-smooth ganache highlighted with chai tea from Telsaan, our local tea house in Mt. Horeb WI.
  • Garden Mint. Minty herb leaves and deep dark chocolate leave a fresh and subtle mint coolness that pleasantly lingers.
  • English Breakfast Tea. Highlighted with 70% dark chocolate, and deepened with English Breakfast Tea topped with creamy white chocolate.
  • Liquid Caramel. Inside deep dark 70% Colombian chocolate is a pool of dark, slightly salty liquid caramel. Pop one in your mouth, sense a pleasingly bitter chocolate followed by a wave of sweetness…then a smile!
  • Caramelized Pecan Burnt Caramel. Caramel mixed with organic cream, butter and darkly roasted pecans enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • Sea Salt Honey Caramel. Honey from the Driftless Area and a touch of sea salt add distinct floral highlights to this favorite caramel enrobed in a 70% Colombian dark chocolate. 
  • Intentionally Dark. 70% Colombian chocolate centers enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with cocoa nibs and velvety smooth.
  • Espresso. Venezuelan dark chocolate infused with French Roast espresso. 
  • Dried Door County Cherry Outcropping. Bed of milk chocolate suffused with almonds, topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache embedded with bits of tart Door County dried cherries, then enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. Sweet, tart and dark!
  • Raspberry. Tart Raspberry enrobed in dark chocolate. Refreshing!
And a few more. Chocolatier Stan has new flavors that may be included, as well.

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