Driftless Chocolates presents our Chocolate Month Club: CHOCOLATE WORLD TOUR. Join today!
It's a lot of fun, and you will taste and learn about single-origin chocolates around the world. It's the ultimate gift to give; and the ultimate gift to receive!

Chocolate From Around The World

1. Experience single-origin chocolate from a different chocolate-producing country each month.

Explore unique flavors!

Chocolate comes from cacao, and the plant grows in countries around the equator, give or take 10-20 degrees north or south. Each month, we will share with Chocolate World Tour Members chocolate that originated in that month's featured country. It might be Colombia, Madagascar, Venezuela, Brazil, Vietnam, Ghana, Costa Rica, Tanzania... Taste and explore.

Learn the chocolate's history

You'll build an awareness about the featured country's chocolate story and the people who grow the cacao that becomes the chocolate you enjoy.

Taste a new and special dark-dark chocolate truffle

We'll prepare a special truffle or bon bon created with the featured month's chocolate so you can taste it, smell it, experience it. Inside, a ganache centered around the country's chocolate; outside, completely enrobed in it.

We'll give each a name and we welcome your help! You'll experience the full flavor, aroma and texture. Then share with us the special name you would bestow. We'll pick one!

FIRST TASTES - New Flavors Introduced

2. Taste new flavors from Driftless Chocolates first...and tell us what you love.

Have some fun! Chocolatier Stan has a line-up of interesting flavors he will introduce in 2020, and World Tour Chocolate Month Club Members will be the first to give each a taste.

Single origin chocolate

Each month, our recipe will include single origin chocolate (whenever possible, it will be from the country featured that particular month) for enrobing. And, then we pair a flavor for the ganache, and Stan's exercised creativity here.

Locally sourced ingredients

With each month's flavor, we'll source whatever ingredients we can locally from the wealth of artisans in and around the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Tell us what you think

Your opinion matters. We welcome your comments on your flavor experience...as much as you wish to share. Your opinion helps us master each flavor we add to our collection.

MASHUPS - Creative Mixing of Flavors

3. Experiment with some "MASHUPS" for unexpected deliciousness.

What is a chocolate MASHUP?

A "chocolate mashup" is when Stan combines two flavors of ganache into one. It's done with great care, and with a strong hint of whimsy that comes from when he's pondering, "I wonder what would happen if..."

One-of-a-kind taste treats resulting from creative spirit exercises

The reason we have chocolate mashups as part of the Chocolate Month Club is because the vast majority of Stan's "what if I..." turn out pretty doggone delicious.

In other words, too good not to share!

The Ultimate Gift to Give

The Ultimate Gift to Receive

Delicious guaranteed. Delivered to your door monthly. Easy, peasy.

ONE Featured Single-Origin Country Dark Dark Chocolate

ONE Driftless Chocolates New Flavor of the Month

ONE One-Of-A-Kind Creative Driftless Chocolates Mashup

FIVE Driftless Chocolates Truffles, Bonbons, Caramels

Chocolate World Tour special packages ship the first week of each month September through May. Start anytime. Free Shipping.
Summer is too hot for chocolate, so June, July and August, we take a breather. :)