Driftless 8-Piece Assorted
BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless 8-piece Assortment
8-piece and 20-piece Driftless Chocolates Truffles and Bonbons
Assorted flavors in an 8-piece Driftless Chocolates box

BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless 8-piece Assortment


Driftless Chocolates

Not too much. Not too little. You might want more!

Go ahead. Share with friends and family. Chocolatier Stan curates an appealing selection of flavors from which to choose. And, yes, you might want more! 

Please note: Chocolates are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that they arrive before Friday.  

Our flavors range from Rosemary to Earl Grey, Orange and Anise to Earl Grey Lavender, Milk Chocolate Chai to Garden Mint, English Breakfast Tea to Intentional Dark, Espresso to Cherry Outcroppings and Raspberry. Driftless Chocolates favorites include caramels in flavors of Smokehouse, Sea Salt Honey, Caramelized Pecan and our Creamy Liquid Caramel. 

SUMMER SEASON TEMPERATURES SOAR and fine chocolate is sensitive to heat and humidity. Driftless Chocolates takes great care in packaging your chocolate so that it arrives in tiptop shape. Our summer shipping rates are higher than at other times of the year. During May, June, July and August, we require 1-day shipping. Yes, we know it's expensive, but the extra cost is for thermal packaging and quick 1-day delivery. Once cooler weather comes in the fall, we are able to offer multiple shipping options that bring rates down substantially. We always offer in-store pickup for FREE! And, Paoli is a fun place to visit!

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