Oh My Ganache Driftless Chocolates 40 piece Box
40-piece Driftless Chocolates Bonbons and Truffles
40-piece Chocolate Truffles and Bonbons

BONBONS / TRUFFLES - Driftless "Oh, My Ganache" 40-piece Assortment


Driftless Chocolates

So what flavor is your favorite? Try a few...and decide if you can! :)

Driftless Chocolates presents "Oh, My Ganache" 40-piece assortment for those who simply thrive on fine chocolate and lots of it! Driftless Chocolatier Stan Kitson creates an array of flavors from single origin chocolate from around the equator. Chocolate from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ghana, Peru, Mexico, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ecuador...each with its own unique flavors.

Each country of origin is matched with a ganache that brings out the inherent flavors of each region. Coconut lime. Cherry. Lavender. Orange. English breakfast tea. Espresso. Garden mint. Ginger chai. Hazelnut. Horchata. Super dark. Mango. Mexican heat. Hot chocolate. Orange anise. Passion fruit. Pomegranate ginger. Raspberry. Rosemary. Tarragon. Vanilla. More are always in the making.

Driftless Chocolates will have these wonderful chocolate treats delivered right to doorsteps throughout the United States.  

Driftless Chocolates ships throughout the United States. We take great care in packaging your chocolate so that all arrives in tiptop shape. Packages are shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure delivery by Friday. When temperatures exceed 80 degrees F for the shipment destination, we ask that you choose one-day air delivery. 

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