Welcome to Driftless Chocolates!

Artisan Chocolates handcrafted with the finest of chocolate and Wisconsin flavors for a true adventure in taste. Opening online the first day of SPRING 2019. We would love to communicate with you, so please sign up for our mailing list. Thank you!

Stan, Chief Chocolatier, and his wife Robyn

So, Robyn is a little spoiled...in the best of ways. Husband Stan loves all things culinary and enjoys preparing exquisitely delicious edibles.

Robyn samples it all!

Try one of his delectable chocolates and you'll taste what we mean.

Driftless Chocolates will come with springtime.

Vistas of the Driftless Area Wisconsin

We live in the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin with inspiring views and gorgeous outcroppings at each turn on a hike in the woods. This area is a small part of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois never touched by the glaciers and with history that dates back thousands of years. We fell in love with it. Sign up for our mailing lists...we'll share photos and stories of our travels in this wonderful area on earth.

A selection of Chocolates will debut on First Day of Spring

Stay tuned! Stan has a selection of chocolates we will introduce to you on the First Day of Spring.

Like everyone says at this time of year, "Spring is right around the corner!"